The Aussie Expat’s Guide to Mortgages & Financing

LoanSuite was founded with a key mission, to ensure that Australians all over the globe could access sound financing and mortgage advice when it came to their personal finances. Our team of experienced professionals have been Australian expats ourselves and we currently work with clients across 14 different countries, and this list will continue to grow.

We have put together this guide for you, the Australian expat, to ensure that you can make fully informed decisions when it comes to your financing and ensure that your money is working for you. After reading this guide, if you have any questions at all, or would like to speak with one of our brokers, for an obligation-free discussion, you can book a complimentary appointment by clicking here. We hope you enjoy reading it as and it helps you to make smarter choices on your own financial journey.

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What You’ll Learn From Our Report

Mortgage Brokers

Can a mortgage broker really save you time as an Aussie expat? Can they be a cheaper option than going through the banks?

How to Choose the Right One

We will teach you the key questions to ask when you’re interviewing mortgage brokers to ensure that you’re making an informed decision when choosing who to partner with.

Loan Structuring

How should you structure your loan as an Australian expat? What do you need to consider when you repatriate?

Financing for Success

Our report will guide you through the various aspects to structuring your loan to ensure that you’re making the most of your time offshore and when you return home.

Tax & Regulations

How are you taxed as a non-resident of Australia if you're working offshore? What do you need to consider with the regulations?

Changes to the Rules

We will walk you through the key changes for Australian expats investing in Australian property, as well as some of the key aspects that have changed when it comes to borrowing.

Property Investing

What do you need to consider when buying property as a non-resident? How can you ensure you're making smart investment decisions?

Building Your Portfolio

Not only will we walk you through the tips and traps to avoid with property investment, we’ll even provide an end of financial year checklist for you to tick off ensuring nothing is missed.

Some of Our Partners

With a large and growing panel of lenders for our Australian expat and resident clients, our team at Loansuite is in an excellent position to compare your options and identify the right solution for you.

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