Australian Expat Loans

Are you looking to invest in property in Australia while living and working abroad? Are you looking to purchase your dream home that you plan to move into when you return home? Whatever your motivation, it’s important as Australian expats that you have the right lending solutions that fits your circumstances and financial objectives. Our experience in working with Australian expats across the globe makes us well equipped to help you.

We’ve been Australian expats ourselves and we understand the journey, as well as the goal of ensuring that your money continues to work for you while you’re living and working across the globe.

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The LoanSuite Home Loan Process

Buying your own home can be an incredibly stressful and exciting time, and it’s important that your financing strategy does not get overlooked. By securing the right loan based on your needs and circumstances, you can often save both time and money over the years allowing you time to enjoy the things that matter most to you.

Truly Global Clients

Our clients are truly global – from executives in Hong Kong, to senior professionals in the US, right through to small business owners in Thailand. Our experience in working with Australian expats from all over the globe means that we know how to structure the right loan with the right lender to achieve your financial goals.

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Whether you’re looking to refinance your existing Australian property loans, or purchase a new investment property to make your money work for you, our team can assist.