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LoanSuite is not owned by any of the banks or institutions allowing us to focus on identifying the right lending and financing solutions for our clients. Whether it’s your first home you’re looking to purchase, a new investment property, expanding your business or looking to consolidate your debt, you’re in the right place. Our diverse experience in financial services and working with Australian expats all over the globe ensures that we have the expertise to identify and implement the right solutions for you.

First Home Buyer Loans - LoanSuite - Lending Specialists for Australians at Home & Abroad

Home Loans

Our team at LoanSuite has a wide range of experience in identifying the right home loan and mortgage solution based on your needs and current financial circumstances. Whether you’re looking to buy your first home, or upgrade, speak to our team today.

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Investment Property Loan - LoanSuite - Lending Specialists for Australians at Home & Abroad

Investment Loans

Whether you’re planning to buy your first investment property, add to your existing property portfolio or would like to review your existing financing, our team of investment-savvy lending professionals can assist. Getting the financing structure

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Australian Expat Loans - LoanSuite - Lending Specialists for Australians at Home & Abroad

Australian Expats

Are you looking to invest in property in Australia while you’re living and working abroad? Are you looking to purchase your dream home that you plan to move into when you return home? Whatever your motivation, our Australian expat team can assist you.

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Commercial Loans

Whether you’re looking to better manage your business cash flows, upgrade your existing equipment, grow your business or acquire a new premises, our team at LoanSuite can assist. Our team of lending professionals has a wide range of experience dealing with businesses across a range of sectors.

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Our Services - LoanSuite - Lending Specialists to Australian Residents and Expats

Debt Consolidation

A Debt Consolidation Loan allows you to combine existing personal loans and debts into one easy repayment. This can often provide a way out of the ‘bad debt’ trap for many. This Debt Consolidation Loan can often significantly reduce fees and interest payable, however it’s important to review your own situation.

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Wide Panel of Lenders

With a large and growing panel of lenders for our Australian expat and resident clients, our team at Loansuite is in an excellent position to compare your options and identify the right solution for you.

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