Volatility creates opportunities, and many astute property investors and analysts are expecting that COVID-19 will lead to exactly that for the Australian property market. With many watching the market, and wanting to stay abreast of the real estate opportunities that present themselves, how can you stay on top of the market and ensure that you don’t miss out..?

This week we’ve outlined our top tips for you to keep up to date with the Australian property market and ensure that you can put yourself in the best possible position to avoid missing out on opportunities.

  1. Connect with Real Estate Agents and Buyer’s Agents

There are some excellent real estate and buyer’s agents out there who can keep you up to date with opportunities that arise. If you’re looking to partner with a buyer’s agent, they can work to a specific mandate for you and keep you updated with opportunities that meet your criteria. With many properties expected to settle via private sales during this volatile period, there will be many opportunities that won’t be listed publicly so by connecting directly with agents, you may find that you become aware of a greater number of opportunities.

  1. Start the Discussion with your Mortgage Broker

It’s important to get a pre-approval and ensure that you’re clear on what your borrowing capacity and financing strategy should look like. Should you buy the property within a trust? Are you able to utilise equity in an existing property to cover the deposit on a new investment property? Should your loan be interest-only or principal and interest? There are many questions to address when it comes to your financing, and by having a clear idea of this early, you can be well placed to jump on opportunities as they arise.

  1. Listen to the Right Podcasts

There are some excellent Australian property podcasts that we’d certainly recommend listening to. The two that we’d suggest checking out are the Smart Property Investment Show and our personal favourite, The Property Couch.

  1. Set Up Your Google Alerts

This is particularly useful if you’re looking to invest in certain areas or a particular type of property. This will certainly save you time in finding the right information relating to the properties that you’re interested in. If you’re not quite about setting up Google Alerts, check out this helpful article which walks you through the relevant steps.

  1. Read the Research

Be sure to pay attention to the relevant economic data and research reports that the property groups release. This could be from such firms as CoreLogic or even the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), which outline key economic data that may improve your chances of success when it comes to property investing.

If you have any questions about your property investment journey, be sure to reach out to seek professional advice.


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