Who is LoanSuite?

LoanSuite is your lending partner for all of your home loan, investment property, business and commercial financing needs. With our wide range of lending solutions, expertise in financial planning and investment strategies, and experience in working with both Australian residents and expats, we are your partners for your lending needs.

As proud members of the Finance Broker’s Association of Australia (FBAA), we pride ourselves on providing timely and appropriate advice to all of our clients. You can check out our video on why you should choose to partner with an FBAA broker.

Your Australian Expat Lending Specialists

At LoanSuite, it is our mission to empower our clients to make smarter financial decisions. Before recommending any product or solution, we first explore the financial situation and goals of our clients, to ensure that all options are considered. This allows us to ensure that we’re providing you with the best solution to achieve your financial goals. Our diverse experience with Australian expats living and working all over the globe will ensure that we can secure the right loan at the right rate to allow you to achieve your financial goals.

About Us - LoanSuite - Lending Specialists for Australians at Home & Abroad

Why Choose LoanSuite?

Whether you’re looking to buy your first home, purchase an investment property, explore financing options for your business, or simply review your existing financing arrangements, our team can assist. If you’re an Australian expat, it’s important to seek advice from a team who deals with people in your situation every day.

Objective Advice

With access to a wide range of lending and financing providers, our team at LoanSuite can provide you with objective advice and identify the right solution to achieve your financial goals.

Your Interests First

By working with a large range of lenders and financial institutions, our clients can have peace of mind that their interests are being placed ahead of our own.

Ongoing Advice

We view our relationships with our clients as a partnership, rather than a transaction. Whether it be a specific question you have, or a complimentary annual review, we provide ongoing guidance for our clients.

A True Partnership

Not only will we ensure that we find the right financing solution at the right rate for you, but we’ll ensure that you remain on track to achieve your financial goals.

Global Clients

With our clients spread across the globe, particularly in Australia and Asia, we have a significant degree of experience in working with both Australian residents and expats in finding the right financing solutions.

We're Expats Too

Our experience in working with both residents and Australian expats all over the globe means that we work with people just like yourself every day.

Experienced Team

Our team has a great deal of financial planning and property investment experience, allowing us to provide you with strategic and unbiased advice that's tailored to your financial objectives.

Across Financial Services

Our team at Loansuite has a wide range of experience across all areas of financial services ensuring that we’re the right partners to achieve your financial goals.

Wide Panel of Lenders

With a large and growing panel of lenders for our Australian expat and resident clients, our team at Loansuite is in an excellent position to compare your options and identify the right solution for you.

Loansuite Lender Panel

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