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Are you an Australian Expat looking to refinance or purchase your own home or investment property?

Specialists In Australian Expat & Resident Home Loans & Finance

Our team of experienced professionals have been Australian expats ourselves, and we know how difficult it can be in structuring your financing appropriately and securing your loan when you’re living and working offshore. If you’re an Australian expat living abroad and looking for a home loan, tailored financing for your next investment property, or looking to purchase a commercial premises for your business, you’re come to the right place. With our wide range of lenders, we work with clients as both Australian expats and residents across the globe, to identify the right financing solutions for you. Our commitment when working with you is to make finding the right financing solution as seamless and straightforward as we can. Let our experience be your advantage in finding the right, personalised solution for your financing needs. It all starts with a complimentary, obligation-free discussion with our Australian expat mortgage broker.

Home Loans

Finding you and your family the right loan to purchase your home

Your Family Home

Whether you’re looking to purchase your first home, or upgrade your family residence, our team of professionals can ensure you’re securing a low rate home loan to meet your goals.

Investment Loans

Are you looking to purchase your first investment property or grow your portfolio?


Our team are experienced investment professionals so we are all very well equipped to ensure that your financing and loans are structured appropriately to achieve your financial goals.

Aussie Expat Loans

Are you an Australian expat living and working offshore looking to secure a loan or refinance?


Our team at Loansuite are experienced in working with the various lenders for our Australian expat clients from all over the globe. Whether refinancing or securing a new loan, we can assist.

Commercial Loans

Are you looking to purchase commercial property or upgrade your business plant and equipment?

Small to Large Business

Whether you’re looking to purchase your own commercial premises, invest in a commercial property or upgrade your own business’ plant and equipment, our experienced team can assist.


How Can LoanSuite Help You?

With our years’ of experience in a wide range of financial services and working with Australian expats and residents all over the globe, let our knowledge and expertise be your advantage. Check out our free tools and resources below both for Australian expats and those living and working at home.

The LoanSuite Process

We know that obtaining your home loan or investment property approval can be a daunting experience, particularly if you’re an Australian expat living and working offshore. Many of the traditional lenders are not used to working with expats so it’s important to partner with a qualified, investment savvy mortgage broker. Our years of experience will ensure that we find the right lender and solution for you to ensure you achieve your financial goals.

What Our Clients Have To Say

Dale Levin

“…the team at Loansuite were an absolute pleasure to deal with – they dealt with every request in a professional and efficient manner. Getting a home loan from Singapore isn’t very straight forward however it was made seamless from my perspective with the help from Loansuite. I’d highly recommend them to any expat who is looking for financial advice”


“Living overseas, the process of obtaining a loan in Australian seemed daunting at first. Working with the team at Loansuite I found they were incredibly responsive, kept me up to date every step of the way, and secured a great loan at an excellent rate for me. I would happily recommend them to any Aussie expat.”


“The team at Loansuite were able to refinance my existing loans, and set up a facility at an excellent rate so that I could continue to build my property portfolio. Partnering with them has saved me time and money and I look forward to continue to work with them.”


“Jarrad and the Loansuite team not only found the right loan for us, they also thoroughly checked our paperwork before submission, liaised with the other parties and communicated regularly as they followed the entire process through to settlement. This efficient, responsive and approachable team saved us hours of time and stress. If you are looking for an Australian loan, I unreservedly recommend them to you.”


“My older brother told me last year, that he had found his “money wizard”, then promptly put us in touch. Jarrad Brown and the team at Loansuite have been an asset to us from start to finish. Their knowledge, availability, professionalism and dedication were integral in helping us secure our first home. We could not have been better cared for. We highly recommend their services as your first port of call.”


Latest Updates

Read our latest updates on financing strategies including our tips and insights that you can be may impact you. Here you’ll find the latest news and updates for both Australian residents and expats across the globe.

Some Of Our Partners

We work with a wide range of Australian lenders allowing us to identify the right solution empowering our clients to achieve their financial objectives. Below are just some of the many lenders that we work with for our clients.

Loansuite Lender Panel

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